We’re experienced marketing professionals who fully understand how important it is to put the right offer in front of prospects and customers at the right time to optimize the results of marketing campaigns. Our data warehousing and custom scoring solutions have helped many of the world's leading media and advocacy organizations to improve marketing ROI.

Cost-effective, flexible, powerful solution

While our fees are competitive with other providers, our solutions provide substantially more value both in the early and latter stages of implementation. Our database reporting system can be expanded to a full marketing database implementation with low incremental cost and minimal effort. Our solutions can be integrated with existing marketing databases, ESP's, and eCRM systems.


Clients have access to full historical marketing information, allowing them to see the transactional details or summary data of subscriber/customer activity over time. Any fulfillment company or third-party provider can be attached to GEMS — and clients can retain their fully integrated, historical data structure.

Fast, seamless implementation — regardless of project complexity

Our powerful analytical engine "rolls up" data from multiple back-end sources — fulfillment houses, eCRMs, database companies — into one integrated system, providing for consistent data interpretation. With all database and reporting infrastructure in place, there’s no need to build additional capability or re-engineer a reporting data mart. Our reporting system, used successfully by many global publishers, contains all standard marketing reports. Special reports can be created for clients quickly and inexpensively.

We help you make sense of your world of data.

We help you make sense of your world of data.

IMT was founded to be a premier provider of integrated marketing consulting, analytical and database services. We engineer data to give our clients a fresh look at:

  • Customer Behavior

  • Campaign Effectiveness

  • Business Economics